Libertarian Party of West Michigan

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Southwest Michigan Affiliate returning!

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Great news for our LP members living in SW Michigan! We are forming a new affiliate in Kalamazoo! 

 It is currently a sub-group of LPWM during the startup, but I'm hoping it will be independent very soon. ( It could easily become a ressurection of the former LPSWM). With a lot of help, we have already held several informal meetings. We need people willing to be officers to make it official! There seems to be enough interest to get it going. Let's do this!

 The meetings of the "temporary" Kalamazoo area Libertarian Party are currently scheduled the 1st tuesday of evey month @ 5:30pm, at Gallagher's Eatery and Pub, 4210 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo 49008. As with most of our affiliate meetings, the 1st half hour is socializing, so don"t worry about being a few minutes late!

 They have already accomplished much in a short time, including getting our "Lady Liberty" into the Memorial Day parades in Portage and Comstock. and two others so far. She is planning to attend several parades this year promoting the Libertarian Party! See the photos section!

 For more information, please contact

Jason Brandenberg < >

or: Arnie Davidsons  < >

Hope to see some new faces!

Arnie Davidsons

LPWM Chair

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