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Nicholas Sundquist
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As a libertarian I find myself in the unlikely position ofdefending Congressman Bill Huizunga.

Mr. Kamischke informs us in his ”Not clearheaded on climatechange” letter that Abraham Lincoln started the US academy of Science. He theninforms us that their membership includes 200 Nobel Prize recipients. He saysthat 97-98 percent of the climate researchers most actively publishing in thefield agree that the world is warming and that humans are a significantcontributor to this problem.

That all sounds very impressive until you ask yourself a fewquestions. What is the cut off for being included in the “most actively”publishing?  Who is funding the research?How are the researchers most likely to get more grants?

The fact is that climate is changing all the time. If you “Google”Viking settlements in Greenland you will discover that most historians thathave studied the subject think that it was climate change that caused theViking settlements in Greenland to vanish around AD 1000. It was warm enough toraise sheep and cattle prior to the settlement failures. What caused thatcooling? Golly I remember my sixth grade teacher telling me all about the iceage that caused the great lakes to be formed. What caused that ice to melt?Presumably it was all the factories in the area spewing carbon in the air. Ohwait, the social studies textbook said that happened before there were anypeople on the planet at all. What gives? And why is global warming necessarilya bad thing? One would think that a few more growing days would be a good thingfor the earths growing population.

I feel almost sorry for Mr. Kamischke, there are so manyproblems good people working together could solve and he wastes his timeworrying about something that can’t be changed.

I mean what really are the alternatives? We can take theposition that we must somehow  eliminateanthropomorphic global warming (if it exist outside the imaginations of peoplethat get paid to say it exist) and  goback to preindustrial living conditions and the massive starvation that wouldentail for today’s population. Or we can allow human ingenuity to continueproviding ever higher and better standards of living for the world’s peoples.I’ve decided to do what I can to work to free human ingenuity. I hope that whenMr. Kamischke gets over his melancholy he’ll join me.

Best Regards

Nicholas A Sundquist



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