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Nicholas Sundquist
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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to know how many of you knew that June 9this Michigan plant a flower day. Well that is understandable they just passedthe resolution this year in May. They really didn’t have enough time to roll out the ad campaign to let us all know that we should plant flowers.

State Representative Holly Hughes introduced that resolutioninto Michigan’s congress. I have two primary objections to this resolution.

1 It is just not the business of government to remind me to plant flowers

2 Holly Hughes family owns a company called Mastertag. They make the little plastic labels you see in all the flowers you buy.

No I am not suggesting that Mrs. Hughes should be tried for influence peddling or even that she should resign. Given the state of politicsin Lansing and the rest of the silly bills she introduced I suspect this is thesort of petty and kinda cheesy corruption that people have come to expect. Oh Nick what can it hurt, maybe in a couple of years they will buy some billboards to remind us to plant flowers. So what flowers are nice.

Friends, the state is drowning in this sort of nonsense. My Republican opponent said that she was going to work to bring jobs to Michigan.I didn’t think she meant only to her own families business.

My Republican opponent said that she was going to work togive every student in Michigan a world class education.

I looked at all 21 bills she introduced. None of them lookto me like they will help in any way to create jobs in Michigan. None of them look to me like they will have any effect on education in Michigan except perhaps to make it more expensive.

She actually introduced legislation to allow school districts to continue deficit spending. Isn’t this the sort of thing you would expect from the Democrats?

My republican opponent in this race is an intelligent and accomplished woman. I want you to go to my web site nick sundquist .com or and check her record and ask yourself honestly whether you think she is working for the best interest of working families in Michigan orthe best interest of Holly Hughes.

My Democrat opponent’s thinking is so muddled that I would be embarrassed to even mention her except that she has already raised more than $50,000. I want you all to please look at her web page under the “issues” tab you will find a short interview. The first question she is asked is what she would do to grow Michigan’s economy. She very passionately tells her audience that bribing corporations with tax breaks doesn’t work. The last question sheis asked is what she would do to help the urban areas of Michigan. Her answer amounts to bribe companies with the Michigan strategic fund.

Here we have another politician that doesn’t really have any idea what government is supposed to do.


Friends it is my contention that we should all live underthe same simple rules. Our Government shouldn’t be in the business of grantingspecial favors to wind mill companies or movie companies or single mothers or anybody else. Government should provide police and fire protection and courtsto adjudicate disputes and enforce contracts. There might even be room for government to concern itself with roads.

The Democrats if I understand them seem to be saying it isalright to cripple the productive for the benefit of the unproductive. At least they are honest about their intentions.

The Republicans talk vaguely about reducing regulations andtaxes but nothing concrete ever seems to come of it. I want you to go to theother candidate’s websites. In fact I have added links to theirs from mine You won’t find any specific proposals to change things in Lansing.

If I could afford to pay a political consultant I am sure he would tell me that it is political suicide to just say outright what you want to accomplish. I am going to tell you anyway.

I intend to introduce legislation to make Michigan’slegislature part time. We just cannot afford to have these professional meddlers working full time anymore.

I intend to introduce legislation to abolish the Michigan Department of Occupational Health and Safety. The whole premise of theorganization is offensive to human dignity. Namely that employees are too stupid to notice that they are working in unsafe conditions. Or that companieswant to hurt employees. This is Government meddling we can no longer afford.

I intend to introduce legislation abolishing the DEQ. Thisoutfit is probably responsible for the loss of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs in Michigan. Just a little research on the Greenville Electrolux story will convince you that this outfit needs to go.

I intend to introduce legislation enshrining freedom ofcontract into Michigan’s congress. A right to work law in my opinion would be unjust. If a company in Michigan wants to deal with a union exclusively they should be able too. By the same token no company should be forced to deal witha union simply because a majority of the employees wants them to.

Neighbors, justice has many poor lovers but few wealthy friends. It is going to take all the passion her many lovers have to make thiscampaign succeed. The democrats and republicans have already amassed at least $100,000 to maintain the status quo. And make no mistake it doesn’t really matter whether the democrat or the republican wins.

Can a Libertarian really win? We don’t have $100,000 to spend. But if everyone in this room makes just 50 copies of the flyer you got at the door. And gives one of those copies to someone that is likely to vote I think we have a real chance of winning the election. History is on the side of liberty all the good ideas are on our side. We need only 25,000 votes to win.Let’s do it!



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