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Nicholas Sundquist
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Libertarian Activist Launch West Michigan Political Campaigns

Libertarian candidates give voters in West Michigan a real choice in November’s elections. For the US Senate race you can vote for Debbie Stabenow, Pete Hoekstra or Someone that actually cares about your liberty Scotty Bowman.

 In the US 2nd congressional race you can vote for Bill Hiezunga who has demonstrated his lackof concern  for your liberty by voting to extend the “patriot act” and the “Defense Authorization Act” The Democrats didn’tcare enough to even field a credible candidate. Libertarian Mary Buzuma,  retired from a career in  Naval intelligence Has more foreign policy experience than Bill Hiuzunga and she won’t vote to allow Government officials to jail you without your day in court.

Nick Sundquist is the only candidate in the race for Michigan’s 91st district house seat that has any common sense. Whileboth the republican and democrat are  well-meaning people, neither has any serious proposals to change anything that matters in Lansing. Sundquist has real ideas.

Well-wishers and people curious about Libertarian philosophycame out to Fricano’s Pizza in down town Muskegon on the night after thePrimary election August 8th. The event featured Scotty Boman who isrunning for the US senate against Washington insiders Debbie Stabenow and Pete Hoekstra. And Mary Buzuma Who will be running against Bill Heizunga for the 2nd US congressional seat. That should be an interesting race as there will be noDemocrat opposition. Nick Sundquist who will be running against Holly Hughesand Colene Lamonte for Michigan’s 91st District Seat also made someremarks. The speeches were well received and the pizza was good. The event can be seen at the campaign website of Nick Sundquist



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