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Nicholas Sundquist
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 We would like your answers to the following three QUESTIONS:

   (Max 625 charactersfor each question)

1.      EDUCATION: What changes would you support to ensure adequate funding for K-12 education?

According to information from the nonpartisan Mackinac Center the average cost per student in Michigan’s publics chools is just under $13,000.  It came out in the Muskegon Chronicle the other day that 87% of the students in the area were not ready for college when they graduated high school. Muskegon Catholic Central boasts, I think, more than 90% of her graduates go on to college. I think it is fair to ask what the tuition is at Catholic Central. Would you be surprised to learn that it is only $6500? I think it is time to introduce a universal voucher system, on the way to a completely free market in education.

2.      VOTING: What changes, if any, would you support to provide all voters with an option to vote by absentee ballot or other early voting methods?

I am not familiar with the mechanics of absentee voting. However I am in favor of making voting easier and less confusing for everyone. I think that all elections should be held on the same day.  The school boards shouldn’t be able to sneak the millage elections in in February when no one is paying attention. There should be only one election every other year. The ballot should be available for viewing on State, County and Municipal websites and available to publishers as soon as possible.

3.      PRIORITIES: What are your legislative prioritiesand what actions will you propose regarding them?

Introduce legislation making Michigan’sLegislature part time. In Texas the Legislature meets for four months every twoyears. They don’t have a personal or corporate income tax.  And they don’t have a 10% unemployment rate.

Abolish the Michigan Office of OccupationalHealth and Safety. It is silly to think that employers are indifferent to thesafety of their employees.  It is sillyto think that the employees are too stupid to know if they are unsafe. And itis silly to pay Government employees to do a job that is already being done by insurance companies. More ideas like these can be found at

You will be asked to provide the following BIOGRAPHICAL information

which will be included in the guide:

 (Characters counted include spaces andpunctuation in all cases.)

- Campaign Website (if available)

- Occupation/Current Position:  (Max 100 characters) Small business owner

- Education:  (Max 200 characters) Mostly self-educated after Mom taught me to read.

- Qualifications/Experience:  (Max 300 characters) Graduated from Mrs.Merven’s kindergarten class at Nims Elementary school



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