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I don't know if anyone is as inflamed as I am about the push for Obamacare.  I recently moved to Michigan from Indiana.  The cost of living here is horrible.  Everything is way more expensive.  I have never been very political and now my gut is on fire.  I don't know where to even start.

Did the republicans start the mess sure, but the democrats are not bending or compromising at all.  Four times they have shut down the republicans budgets.  Four times they vetoed it without even a discussion.  I don't know if any of you know that the cheapest Obamacare coverage is $60 per month with NO doctor visits paid for and a $2000 out of pocket expense.  This is suppose to be for the working class poor.  My neighbors have already said they will pay the $95 fine and then continue to go to the free clinic.  This is a big joke.

So here the federal government will fine people that money (which it is estimated that 44 million people go without healthcare) and I expect about half of that will take the coverage.....about 22 million.  In the end of it all the federal government just made 2 billion dollars on the backs of the working poor.  That is disgusting.  People who already can't make ends meet but don't want welfare and a free ride.

Here is another fact.  There are many states out there that it actually pays to get welfare than get a job.  In Hawaii if you get welfare the average recipient gets $60000 per year.  Hello shouldn't we all move there and be beach bums/???

I just don't know what has happened to our country but what I do know is that we need serious change in Washington.  Don't you?

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