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Nicholas Sundquist
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In your September 27th “As readers see it” Mr.Hansen says he sponsored a bill that would appropriate one hundred million dollars for the Michigan Strategic Fund. He further says that the legislationhe has sponsored “gives the Michigan Strategic Fund authority to issue grantsand loans to facilitate private sector efforts to create jobs, increase capital investment activity and revitalize Michigan communities”


Take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission. That is the definition of appropriate when used as a verb as Mr. Hansen does. I wonder if Mr. Hansen really believes it is proper to take money from some private individuals and give it to other private individuals.


He taxes money away from you and me and then to make us feel better about it he spends the last halve of his letter explaining how difficult he is going to make it for anyone else to use the money.


I wonder if Mr. Hansen knows that the stock market alongwith banks do a great job of providing capital investment activity that would revitalize Michigan communities. With the added benefit that only capital people willingly risk isused.


What Mr. Hansen has proposed is adding more red tape to the process of getting capital to productive enterprises. This is the sort of thinking that has caused the mess that is Michigan government.


Please Mr. Hansen, propose something that will work.Seriously curtail the powers of the DEQ. Close the Michigan Strategic Fund. End the film subsidy. End the Green power subsidy. In short Mr. Hansen, propose liberty!


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