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Erwin Haas
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Dear Friends

Scotty Boman has just announced his candidacy to run against me for the LPM nomination for US Senate; I wish he had given us more notice.


Scotty has been a Libertarian for as long as I have, and I suspect that we share similar political positions.


My claim for the Libertarian nomination rests on writings that are not especially visible here in Michigan but I"ve been published for some years at the national level in Liberty Magazine, Lew Rockwell, Michigan Medicine, Medical Economics and just recently a segment on I regularly comment as a libertarian on (erwinhaaslibertarian) and M live. I have a huge inventory of matierial that can be mined for the brief, clever retorts that will be quoted in the Michigan media during my campaign. I'm a veteran of Vietnam, have an MBA and practiced medicine here in Michigan for 40 years giving me credibility in the big issues in the 2012 campaign like our foreign wars, the economy and medical care.


Scotty has been active in the Michigan Republican party for 4 years, and was an active Republican candidate for US Senate until 15 May when he withdrew during a debate in Western Michigan. He did not get enough nominating signatures. M-live stated that he endorsed Clark Durand at that event and will vote for him in the August Republican primaries.


That publicity is Scotty's problem; his failed run made him well known as a Republican and he will have to spend the first 5 minutes of every interview explaining his reincarnation as a Libertarian.

A more pervasive problem is managing the Libertarian brand. Libertarians ran Bob Barr in 2008 and more recently Gary Johnson (I like the latter)- two errant Republicans. Scotty's candidacy will cause many to conclude that the Libertarian Party is a refuge for failed and marginal Republicans, not an image that many of us want to convey.


Erwin Haas MD MBA

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