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Nicholas Sundquist
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Dear Reader,

The links listed  above are interesting in today's political climate. The first is an explanation of "pulpit freedom Sunday". It is an organization challenging the IRS insistence that Pastors not talk about politics from the pulpit. I think the web page says they have had this "event" every year since 2008. Hundreds of brave pastors from around the country send the IRS copies or recordings of their sermons. Sermons that are in violation of the IRS code despite  the first amendment to our nation's constitution. They are attempting to reestablish certainty to people regarding their first amendment rights.


The second link should bring you to the Mackinac Center's To House Bill 4808 Introduced by Rep. Lisa Brown (D) on June 23, 2011, to prohibit a pharmacist from refusing to dispense or transfer a legal prescription. Among other things this would ban pharmacists from refusing to dispense prescriptions for abortion-inducing “morning after” pills like RU 486 due to ethical, moral, or religious beliefs


You can follow the third link I have listed  to see a list of cosponsors. Please note Muskegon's 92nd district State Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright's name on that list.


The fourth link should bring you to the actual text of  House Bill 4808 to read for yourself.


Even my Libertarian friends that are "pro-choice" should feel some consternation at the thought of Michigan's Government forcing health care providers to work against their better judgement.


Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Nick Sundquist for Michigan State House 91st District


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