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Nicholas Sundquist
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I read Mr. Gaertner’s article “School funding gets theattention of state rep candidates” with some interest. Based on the waypoliticians pander to them, you would think that only school teachers voted inMichigan. Whenever I think about school funding a couple of things come tomind. The average school teacher in Michigan makes $62,000 per year. Most folksI think would agree that’s pretty good for a part time job. In class room helphas doubled since 1970. The cost to educate a public school student in Michiganis just under $13,000per year. 87% of the students are not ready for collegewhen they graduate from public school.

 Tuition is just $6500at Muskegon Catholic Central. More than 90% of the students that graduate fromMuskegon Catholic Central go on to college.

Since funding is obviously not the problem with publiceducation you would think that Holly Hughes would ask Collene Lamonte what theproblem is.  Instead Mrs. Hughes justsays “me too”. We keep throwing ever more money at the public schools and noone ask if there isn’t a better way.

 My name is NickSundquist. I am going to be on your ballot for the 91st districtstate house seat in November. I think education is too important to be left togovernment.  I think it is time to moveMichigan to a universal voucher system on the way to a completely free marketin education. If private schools can get better results with half the money Ithink politicians should be asking public school teachers why, instead ofpandering to their unions.



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