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Nicholas Sundquist
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“In today's economy, we cannot afford to mistake thefailures in Lansing for the needs of an ever changing global marketplace.  Rather than complain about the status quo we need to embrace new global opportunities. We can attract new companies and create new jobs, but we have to face reality and come together to make it happen.  Collectively we can build the strongest economy in the nation”

Friends and neighbors, the previous paragraph is the second paragraph from the home page. I am asking for your help. Can anyone out there tell me what this means? Could we afford in yesterday’s economy to mistake the failures in Lansing for the needs of an everchanging global marketplace? Maybe if we save up enough, in tomorrow’s economy we could afford to make this mistake? Is it even possible to mistake the failures in Lansing for the needs of an ever changing global marketplace? I wasthinking about the needs of the ever changing global market place the other day when it occurred to me how much like the failure in Lansing they are? They are so similar in fact that I almost made the mistake of thinking they were the same thing?

 I suspect that the ever changing global marketplace is indifferent to the failures in Lansing.They just take their business someplace else. And that is why the seven foreign auto manufacturers that built new factories in the United States in the last 30 years didn’t build them in Michigan. I agree with Mrs. Hughes we can attract new companies that will create new opportunities for citizens in Michigan (I am reasonably sure that is what she meant to say) but I have to say that complaining about the status quo is what we need to do more of. And I mean alot more of it. And when we face reality we recognize that “collectively” we cannot do anything.



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