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Nicholas Sundquist
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I would like to thank the Muskegon Jaycees for hosting this event and especially Alyssa Dyksterhouse for finding me and thinking to invite me. I’m Nick Sundquist. I’m a proud member of the Libertarian Party.  

I want to clear up any possible misconceptions about the Libertarian Party. We are an actual political party. We are not the cranky wing of the Republican Party. Or the really groovy wing of the Democrat party. Think of it this way: The Republicans want to steal from the poor and the Democrats want to steal from the rich. Libertarians want to out-law stealing.

Republicans like to talk about reducing regulations. But nothing much ever really seems to come of it. Democrats like to talk about helping the poor. But nothing much ever really seems to come of it.

I say eliminate Michigan OSHA

I say eliminate the job killing DEQ

I say rather than quibbling about a couple of hundred dollars one way or another on the foundation grant for public school why not introduce a plan that would actually help families in Michigan deal with the unique educational problems they face.

 A plan that would enable the parents of cognitively impaired children to get their students into a quality Montessori school where they belong.

 A plan that doesn’t sentence children that live in poor neighborhoods to substandard schools.

A plan that would cost Michigan taxpayers about half of what we are currently spending on education.

To those that say a voucher plan would never pass in Michigan, I say why not?  Better outcomes and more choice is what everyone says they want for students in Michigan.

Thanks again for having me. I am honored to be included.



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