Parade Float Parade Float The crew who helped Lady Liberty . Lady Liberty got a little extra attention to get ready for the parade season. 128955858 The Lady in the Garden Lady Liberty has a place in the flowers when she is not out in parades. 128955859 Just after it was Finished Ain't she a beauty? 130096128 The "Lady" at the Memorial Day parade. Portage Our Lady made an appearance in Portage this year! 192895329 Libertarian billboard courtesy of Lorence Wenke. 192895330 Ain't she beautiful! 192895331 Float courtesy of Mr. Wenke 192895332 She got a LOT of attention! 192895333 Many photos were taken. She also made an appearance in the Comstock parade! Much thanks to the new Kalamazoo affiliate! 192895334 Galesburg Days 2014 193564430 getting ready.. 193564431 193564432